'You can’t send messages for 3 days’ on Instagram? Here's what to do

Dec 29, 2022By: TN Tech Desk

'You Can't Send Messages for 3 Days'

Seeing the warning "You Can't Send Messages for 3 Days" on Instagram? And then unable to send messages? We tell you why that’s happening and how to fix it. Credit: iStock

Why Instagram could have blocked your account

There are several reasons why Instagram may have blocked or banned your account, such as breaking the community guidelines or using unauthorized apps. If you believe you have been blocked or banned in error, you can contact Instagram to explain the situation and request assistance.Credit: iStock

'Against our community standards'

The second error: “Something you sent in a conversation went against our community standards.” The community rules are available by clicking the button next to the notification.Credit: iStock


You might have violated Instagram community standards if — a) You are sending a lot of spam messages to individuals you don't know can be considered spam and a violation of community standards.Credit: iStock

Harassment or bullying

You might have violated Instagram community standards if — b) If you contact someone repeatedly after they ask you to stop and if you send them threatening or abusive messages, it is considered harassment or bullying and a violation of Instagram community standards.Credit: iStock

Dangerous or inappropriate information

You might have violated Instagram community standards if — c) If you send messages that contain dangerous or inappropriate information, such as pornography or hate speech, you may violate Instagram community guidelines.Credit: iStock

​How to fix it?

Well, you could be patient and wait for 3 days to pass and it gets automatically fixed. Credit: iStock

Contact customer support service team

If patience is not your strongest suit, you can also get in touch with the Instagram customer support service team and they will inform you of the reason for the ban.Credit: iStock

Read Instagram’s Community Standards Guidelines

Meanwhile, you can visit Instagram’s Community Standards Guidelines and read them to avoid any such action in future. It is important to remember that violating Instagram's community standards can result in temporary or permanent network bans. Credit: iStock

To avoid any further issues...

To avoid any issues with your account, it is essential to respect other users on the platform and follow Instagram's policies like not posting inappropriate or offensive content, not spamming or harassing other users, or engaging in any other activity that goes against Instagram's guidelines. Credit: iStock

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