Winter storm hits California

In California, the Piper storm is creating havoc. The powerful winter storm has brought with it bitter cold, gusty winds and blizzard conditions.

24 Feb, 2023 Anurag Kumar

Power Outages In Several Places

Some 3,000 power lines were toppled after being coated with ice as thick as three-quarters of an inch, and crews struggled to get power back by the end of Sunday, utilities said. Michigan was hardest hit.

24 Feb, 2023

Several Flights Cancelled

The storm has delayed or cancelled more than 1,300 flights across the nation, according to

24 Feb, 2023

National Weather Service Issues Warning

The National Weather Service warned of a “cold and dangerous winter storm” that would last through Saturday in California.

24 Feb, 2023

Thunderstorm Forecast For Southern California coast

Forecasters warned of severe thunderstorms that could create waterspouts off the Southern California coast. A blizzard warning was to go into effect in part of Nevada later in the day.

24 Feb, 2023

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