Source: ZEE5  Kickstart the weekend with these entertaining Marathi web series on zee5 

Source: ZEE5 Starring Vaibhav Tatwawadi & Anjali Patil, this series is based on a novel about Samyukta Maharashtra Movement.  hutatma

Source: ZEE5 Starring Sai Tamhankar, this ZEE original is about an actress who gets pulled into a world of chaos due to a 'stalker'. Date with Saie

Source: ZEE5 This web series is based on the life of a photographer who gets caught up in the middle of a 'mess'. It features Sunil Tawade among others. kale dhande

Source: ZEE5 Featuring Mitali Mayekar & Shalva Kinjawadekar, this story revolves around college students who start a movement to curb mental stress. sex drugs & theatre

Source: ZEE5 This story revolves around two opposite people who are forced to live together. It features Isha Keskar and Virajas Kulkarni. horn ok please

Source: ZEE5 Set in 1897, this ZEE5 original is based on Chaphekar brothers and their contribution to India's freedom struggle. Gondya Ala Re

Source: ZEE5 Featuring Bhau Kadam, this web series follows the life of a liftman and his adventures.  liftman

Source: ZEE5 This thriller is based on the life of a renowned chef whose wife goes missing. It is a must-watch for the weekend! Anuttarit Prashna

Source: ZEE5 This story picks up after the events of season 1 as Madhur continues his search for his son and wife's killer. Anuttarit Prashna 2

Source: ZEE5 Featuring Hasvanth Vanga, this erotic thriller is about the life of a 'Nerd' and his dark secrets! nerd

Source: ZEE5 This beautiful web story is about a postman and his adventures even after slipping into a coma. It stars Keerthi Pandian among others. postman

Source: ZEE5 This ZE5 original features around a tarot card reader who goes through paranormal experiences for her clients!  High Priestess

Source: ZEE5 This is a comedy series based on a couple who live together on a trial basis to check their compatibility!  d7

Source: ZEE5 This dubbed series is based on the life of Auto Shankar who was a very feared man in Madras for almost a decade! auto shankar