#1 Damascus

Capital of Syria, is one of the oldest and continuously inhabited city.

04 Dec, 2022 Jigyasa Sahay

#2 Tripoli

This city is Libya dates back to around 4 century BCE and has some of the greatest architectures.

04 Dec, 2022

#3 Tehran

Capital of Iran, is one of the most important city and amongst the largest in the world.

04 Dec, 2022

#4 Tunis

A city in North Africa is famous for its golden baches and love for art.

04 Dec, 2022

#4 #5 Tashkent

It is a a historical city and the capital of Uzbekistan.

04 Dec, 2022

#6 Karachi

Capital of Pakistan, it is a major seaport.

04 Dec, 2022

#7 Almaty

Capital of Kazakhstan, it has astonishing natural beauty

04 Dec, 2022

#8 Ahmedabad

The largest city in the colourful state of Gujarat, is a hub of textile industry.

04 Dec, 2022

#9 Chennai

Capital of Tamil Nadu, the city is rich in culture and heritage and gives a peek into the southern traditions in India.

04 Dec, 2022

# 10 Algeirs

The capital of Algeria is known for its whitewashed buildings and winding streets.

04 Dec, 2022

#11 Bengaluru

The silicon valley of India, astonishingly, made to the list of cheapest cities in the world!

04 Dec, 2022

#12 Colombo

It has one of the largest artificial harbours and is an important trade centre in Sri Lanka

04 Dec, 2022

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