# 1 New York

It is the first time that New York topped the list as the most expensive city in the world.

03 Dec, 2022 Jigyasa Sahay

# 1 Singapore

Tied with New York, the fast paced city is also the most costly city to live in.

03 Dec, 2022

# 3 Tel Aviv

Until last year, Tel Aviv in Israel topped the ranking as the most expensive city in the world.

03 Dec, 2022

#4 Los Angeles

Not only pretty expensive, one is to bump into movie stars here and can enjoy a great beach day here.

03 Dec, 2022

#4 Hong Kong

It is hub for traded and investment is also one of the most thriving economies

03 Dec, 2022

#6 Zurich

Financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is a

03 Dec, 2022

#7 Geneva

Geneva in Switzerland is a city of diplomats with world's top organisations like UN, WTO , Red Cross located here.

03 Dec, 2022

#8 San Francisco

The city with the world famous Golden Gate Bridge is also a dear place to live in.

03 Dec, 2022

#9 Paris

The city of love, Paris in France has made it as top 10 expensive cities in the world.

03 Dec, 2022

#10 Copehagen

A city of fairytales, the canal, food and the people make it also one of the happiest places on earth.

03 Dec, 2022

#10 Sydney

Known for the Opera House and the yacht-studded harbours, Sydney in Australia is a vibrant city to be in.

03 Dec, 2022

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