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Telugu horror movies to binge-watch!


This horror movie revolves around a scriptwriter who encounters paranormal adventures in his new house


A troubled spirit is back to wreak havoc in everyone's lives, and only Dr Vijay can save people.

Ghosts will seem so friendly after this movie! The Anando Brahma universe will forever change how you view things!

AA Intlo

A chain of events leads to Pavan, an atheist seeking protection from god to save his family.


Things take a turn for Shiva when he faces spine-chilling incidents while driving and tries to solve the mystery.


Tripura gets strange visions of stabbing her doctor husband. A police officer tells her that the doctor murdered a girl, which is far from reality.

Tulasi Dalam

Satvik doesn’t believe in ghosts.  Shanti, a little girl’s soul, begins following him and he experiences paranormal experiences.