Take a Tour of Shahid Kapoor’s Rs 56 crore House

Feb 24, 2023By: Nishtha Agarwal

​Shahid-Mira’s Home​

Actor Shahid Kapoor with his family including wife Mira Rajput and kids moved into their brand-new home in 2022.Credit: Instagram

​New Home​

It is said to be a sophisticated duplex apartment located in Mumbai's high-class area, Worli.Credit: Instagram

​It’s Cost​

Reportedly, the actor purchased the house in Rs 56 crore, with Rs 2.91 crore in stamp duty.Credit: Instagram

​Grand House​

It is a swanky house spread across 8,625 sq. ft. There are over six parking lots, large balcony and more.Credit: Instagram

​Majestic Living Room​

The living area is surely opulent but also simple at the same time with woodwork, warm lighting and chairs.Credit: Instagram

​Star Bedroom​

Filled with polaroids, candles, hourglass, a bicycle bookend, and more, the bedroom has a personal touch.Credit: Instagram

​Musical Corner​

There is also a calm musical corner with a piano in place as was seen in one of Mira’s posts.Credit: Instagram

​The Kitchen​

You can pretty much find every single spice and a variety of dal in their neatly organized kitchen.Credit: Instagram

​Cozy Corner​

With how many posts both Shahid and Mira share featuring this beautiful sunny spot, it seems to be their favourite space.Credit: Instagram

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