Simple ways to curate a healthy, weight loss-friendly meal

Simran Arora, Times Now Digital

Feb 27, 2023

Divide the plate

When planning a meal for weight loss, it is important to divide the plate in a way so that it includes almost every food group – seasonal fruits and vegetables, carbs, pulses and a healthy drink on the side.

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Do not obsess over exotics

Local produce can also be just as good, sometimes healthier. Instead of being obsessed with exotic foods, try to stick to seasonal local produces as they contain nutrients which can make you fitter to suit the climatic conditions.

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Know what to eat

One must go for regular health check-ups to get diagnosed for diseases in early stages thereby making room for timely treatment and management. This also helps one ascertain what to eat and not to eat.

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Make your plate colourful

More colours on the plate means more nutrients – try to include lots of green vegetables, bell peppers and other healthy foods on the plate to get ample nutrition for a healthier life.

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Do not rely on canned food

Instead of opting for packaged food, go for natural produces – dodge canned vegetables and choose whole foods from the market. These are healthier, free of preservatives with nutrients intact.

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Chew food properly

This simple trick can help induce a sense of satiety. Nutritionists suggest chewing food properly and slowly so that one can feel full for longer.

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Drink water

Many say that drinking water can make one feel bloated especially when one does so between meals. Try to drink a glass before meals to reduce overall calorie intake for weight loss.

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