Shah Rukh Khan's most annoying habit: 'I explain the same thing...'   

Shah Rukh Khan hosted a 'Don't Ask SRK' session on Twitter on Monday afternoon and here are some highlights from the same.

A fan asked, "Who will be the next big thing in Bollywood after you retire??" In reply, SRK wrote, "I will never retire from acting…I will have to be fired…and maybe even then I will come back hotter!!"

When a fan asked, "What’s your secret of a good married life? SRK wrote, "Gauri has the most simple heart and mind. She has just kept us all believing in the goodness of family and love."

A fan asked SRK, 'Pathaan 2 kab ayega'. The actor replied, "Not just about #Pathaan 2 but every work of mine I will announce and say it to you guys personally. Please wait for me to tell you the truth not listen to stupid gossip!"

A Twitter user asked, 'Are there times when you do nothing ,just nothing questions,' to which SRK wrote "Yes I spend a lot of time doing nothing…it clears the mind for things that I need to do later. ‘ Jo kuch nah karte woh kamaal karte hain’ ." 

Shah Rukh Khan also revealed his most annoying habit: "I explain the same thing too many times..I explain the same thing too many times...I explain the same thing too many times!!!"

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