​Rethink your work dynamics​Ruchika Kumari, Times Now Digital

Jan 18, 2023

Hard Work Vs Smart Work​

People who do hard work are generally overwhelmed as compared to smart woking people. We were always taught that hard work pays off, it does, but smart work takes you places.

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Tips and Tricks for Smart Work​

Here are the few tips and tricks which can be followed by literally anyone at work places.

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Time Management skills​

The most important thing is TIME MANAGEMENT! Know how to prioritize your tasks that are lined up for the day. Do not work on several tasks at the same time as it might distract you.

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Be adaptive and flexible​

If things don’t go unplanned, immediately get yourself adapted to new situations. Being stuck in the problem will only hinder your process.

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There are some people who do not like anyone else to help them to complete the task as they do not trust people. This can be one of the top mistakes that affect productivity.

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Flexible mind​

Try and avoid comfort zone and test new methods every now and then. This will help you to get smarter with time.

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​Doable to-do list ​

Make a short list and focus on the top 5 important things to do. Shorter lists look less intimidating and will not give you stress.

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