Pathaan Box Office Day 17: Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Keeps A Good Hold Again On Friday, Set To Grow Big Over The Weekend!

After bringing in

5.95 crores

on Thursday, Pathaan held on well on Friday as well with 5.50 crores coming in.

Now it’s time for the film to grow all over again. There is huge capacity available for the film, what with practically nothing else playing in theatres, be it from Bollywood, Hollywood or from south.

As a matter of fact last 40 days have seen only one major Hindi film release in the form of Pathaan and there is just no other big film to have arrived which is rather surprising.

It’s understandable that Shehzada decided to move ahead by a week but at least in the first fortnight of January something major could have arrived.

Nonetheless, with nothing else around it, the Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starrer has a lot going for it where it can attract more and more footfalls between Saturday and Sunday.

Ideally, it should be aiming for

10 crores

today though practically speaking, 8-9 crores will come in for sure with a double digit score calling on Sunday.

The action thriller has accumulated

464.40 crores

so far and will cross 485 crores at the box office by the time the weekend is through.