National protein day: Top homemade protein shakes for pregnant womenAshima Sharda Mahindra, Times Now Digital

Feb 28, 2023

Kesar pista shake

Made with chana dal, one of the most protein-rich legumes, a shake made with this would benefit the pregnant ladies with good health and energy. Add to the ground dal some pistachio and seeds powder, flavour with cardamom and saffron, and drink once a day

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Chocolate dates shake

Take a handful of almonds and powder them, along with some pumpkin seeds. To the powder, add skim milk and cocoa powder and two dates. Drink once a day

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Assorted seeds shake

Seeds of pumpkin, chia, and sunflower are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other minerals and fibre. Make a protein shake blending the three seeds varieties in skim milk or yogurt along with a dollop of honey is extremely beneficial for keeping the immunity of pregnant women high. You can also add any seasonal fruit like blueberries for flavour

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Peanut butter banana shake

Peanut butter is a highly nutritious, protein-packed food that's great for pregnant women. The spread is a low-glycemic food, which may help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Bananas are filling and give instant energy

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Oats almonds shake

Oats are loaded with fibre which helps in reducing constipation in pregnant women. Along with almonds, this shake helps regulate the process of digestion and bowel movements

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Apple soy shake

Apples are a delicious, tasty way to end digestive problems in pregnant women. The fruit helps protect against weather-induced seasonal cold and flu and prevents anemia. Soy is loaded with protein and helps regulate mood and keep you full

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Green shake

Healthiest green smoothie with spinach, soy protein, and banana is superfood for pregnant women as all the ingredients help boost overall health

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Chickpea kiwi shake

Even though the combination may sound unusual, the chickpea and kiwi smoothie along with some honey is super tasty and packed with health. Kiwis help expectant mothers absorb iron more efficiently

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