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Feb 28, 2023

Egg bhurji

Using ghee or little amount of vegetable oil, egg bhurji is one of the best Indian low carb breakfast recipes.

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Masala Oats

Have some hot masala oats in the morning. You can also garnish this low carb food with some chopped corianders.

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Mix Dal Chillas

Have some chillas made from mix daal in the morning. This low carb food will not only keep you full throughout the day but is also very healthy.

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Avocado Coconut Milk Smoothie

Combine some avocado, coconut milk, bananas, and mix them together. Serve it cold and put some honey on top.

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Sprouted Dhokla

Combine sprouted moong, spinach, and green chillies inside a mixture, and blend it into a smooth paste. Then follow the procedure for making dhokla and voila, your low carb Indian breakfast is ready to serve.

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Spinach Smoothie

You can also have a spinach smoothie for breakfast made from spinach, cucumbers, apple, ginger and lemon. This is one of the best low carb Indian recipes for breakfast.

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Keto Egg Fried Rice

You can also have keto egg fried rice for breakfast using diced vegetables, coconut oil, brown rice and some eggs.

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Baked Spinach

Make this easy recipe using extra virgin olive oil, spinach, eggs, yogurt, and garlic cloves. This is one of the best low carb breakfast recipes.

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