Feb 8, 2023BY: Anagha Ganesh, Times Now DigitalLayoffs 2023

Layoffs 2023: Top Tech Layoffs in US since 2020

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Google, Twitter, Meta

Twitter was one of the first to announce layoffs and followed by the company, Meta announced 11, 000 job cuts and then this year, Google announced 12, 000 job cuts

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Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce

In the year 2022, Amazon also announced job cuts of 10, 000 workers followed by another tech giant which also laid off 10k staff force. Salesforce laid off around 8, 000 employees

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Tech company Cisco had announced layoffs in US and laid off 4, 100 as on November 2021

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IBM, Dell

IBM had announced that it would lay off 3, 900 people and Dell, this year laid off 6, 650 employees

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PayPal, Wayfair, Peloton

PayPal, Wayfair and Peloton announced 2000, 1750 and 2, 800 job cuts in America

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Reason for layoffs?

The reason for so many tech companies to lay off employees was mainly due to the global macro-economic conditions, over staff, cut back on the extras, Cost reduction

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