Kantara cast fees in Crores

Tap to check how many Crores Rishab Shetty, Kishore and other actors charged for the highly-rated action thriller that has crossed Rs 250 crore mark at the box office

Sapthami Gowda The Kannada actress pocketed Rs 1.25 crore for her role in Kantara

Kishore The South actor took home a paycheck of Rs 1 crore as his remuneration

Achyuth Kumar A renowned name in the Kannada industry - Kumar charged Rs 75 lakh

Pramod Shetty For playing Sudhakara, Shetty reportedly earned Rs 60 lakhs

Deepak Rai Panaaje The South actor took home a paycheck of Rs 40 lakh for his performance as Sundara in the film

Naveen D Padil Padil charged Rs 25 lakh for his character in the Rishab Shetty directorial

Rishab Shetty From penning the script to delivering

a stellar performance, Shetty charged Rs 4 crore for Kantara

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