Inside R. Madhavan’s lavish Mumbai home

The actor made his big debut in 1997, and knocked it out of the park in 2001 with his portrayal of Maddy in Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

The character was such a smashing hit that he went on to name his official Instagram account as @actormaddy!

The actor has fine taste in movies and also other things in life. Tap to take a tour of R. Madhavan’s luxurious Mumbai home with these pictures & videos

A look at his account and you can't miss the family’s terrace gardens where they grow organic vegetables

The social media account is filled with the family's wholesome pictures and videos

He resides in his luxurious Mumbai home with his wife, son and parents

The living room is a quaint mix of soft white pastel walls, eclectic curtains and monochromatic furniture

There is also a pool table in one corner, close to the balcony

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