Inside Japan's Sapporo Snow Festival 2023

The annual snow festival kicked off in Sapporo at physical venues for the first time in three years.(Photo: Twitter)

04 Feb, 2023 Snigdha Choudhury

Let it snow!

The 73rd Sapporo Snow Festival features more than 160 snow and ice sculptures.(Photo: AFP)

04 Feb, 2023

How it all began

The famed snow festival first began in 1950 when local middle and high school students created six snow sculptures in Odori Park in central Sapporo. (Photo: Twitter)

04 Feb, 2023

The art of sculpturing

Five gigantic snow sculptures over 10 meters tall are on display at the main Odori Park venue.(Photo: AFP)

04 Feb, 2023

A major tourist attraction

According to the organisers, the major Hokkaido tourist attraction usually attracts more than 2 million domestic and overseas tourists every year. (Photo: AFP)

04 Feb, 2023

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