Inside Esha Gupta’s luxurious lifestyle

Gupta is currently making headlines for her performance in Prakash Jha's Aashram season 3

With a massive fan following of over 8 million on Instagram, the actress has built a name for herself in the industry

The actress leads a luxurious lifestyle, afforded to her by multiple sources of income

Step inside Esha Gupta’s luxurious lifestyle and take a peek at her exotic holidays, stunning home, swanky cars and more

A gorgeous home The actress owns a spacious apartment in Mumbai that has a chic and elegant vibe

A fleet of

uber-expensive cars Among various cars, she owns a super-luxe BMW 5 Series 520d which is priced at Rs 65.89 lakh

Exotic vacations Maldives, Spain and more, she is often seen travelling and spending time at some of the most premium properties

Fees for the show For her role opposite Bobby Deol

in Ashram 3, Esha Gupta charged Rs 2 Crore

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Rs 177 crore net worth and everything that contributes to it