Turtle-Shaped Floating City in Saudi Arabia

25 Nov, 2022

Analiza Pathak

The Boat Is Named Pangea

The gigantic boat is named after Pangea, a supercontinent that is said to have existed about 200 million to 335 million years ago.

25 Nov, 2022

Pangea Features

The boat is expected to have shopping malls, ports for smaller ships and aircrafts to ferry passengers in.

25 Nov, 2022

To Accommodate 60,000 People

As per reports, the terayacht will accommodate 60,000 people. It will have 19 villas and 64 apartments on each ‘wing’

25 Nov, 2022

World’s Biggest Floating Structure

Shaped like a turtle, this terayacht will become the world’s biggest floating structure.

25 Nov, 2022

It Is Worth Over 65,000 Crore

Lazzarini, the man behind Pangeos has estimated the cost of building it to be $8 billion (About ₹65,000 crore approx).

25 Nov, 2022

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