IMD alert

Northwest, central and east India are predicted to record maximum temperatures three to five degrees Celsius above normal over the next five days, the IMD said.

23 Feb, 2023 Snigdha Choudhury

40 degree Celsius warning!

The mercury may soar to 40 degrees Celsius and above in one or two meteorological subdivisions of northwest India in the first half of March.

23 Feb, 2023

Hot weather in February

The Met office has attributed the unusually hot weather in February to several factors, with the absence of strong western disturbances being the primary reason.

23 Feb, 2023

The wind of change

The Met said a significant change in maximum temperatures in northwest India is unlikely during the next two days.

23 Feb, 2023


The IMD said farmers can go for light irrigation if the crop appears to be under stress.

23 Feb, 2023

Temperature change

The mercury is predicted to rise by two to three degrees Celsius in temperature.

(Photo: PTI) 23 Feb, 2023

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