How To Choose The Right Lip Liner



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Pick a shade based on your skin type and undertone. While liners having a mauve or blue hue works wonders on cool tones, orange and red are perfect for warm tones

What To Consider

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A lean liner is great if you want to add a precise definition to your lips. But if you are going for a thick and softer vibe, try the twist-ups or crayons

Know The Definition You Want

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The color of your liner should match the color of your lipstick. They should have the same undertones and belong to the same color family

What’s Next

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The purpose of your liner is to define your lips and prevent your lipstick from smudging. So, do check if the liner you want to buy is long-lasting

One With A Good Staying Power

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A lip liner with moisturizing properties can help your lips look supple. If you have extremely dry lips or want to apply matte lipstick, a lip liner with moisturizing benefits should be your go-to option

Moisturizing Properties

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If you are a beginner or just do not want too much makeup but still need to keep your lipstick in place, go for a nude lip liner with a matte finish. It will do the trick without adding any extra definition

Pro Tip

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