How To Apply Nude Lipsticks Correctly



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Nude lipsticks come in multiple shades, finishes, and textures. Look for the ones that complement your undertone and match your preferences

Which One To Choose

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Use a lip balm or a moisturizer to prevent any dry lips issues. You can also remove the patchy skin by using an exfoliator and make your lips smoother

How To Prep Your Lips

This Lipstick Gives A Flawless Finish!

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Give dimension to your lips by lining them with a lip liner. You can use a natural or a slightly darker shade for it

What’s Next

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Now gently fill your lips with the nude lip color. For full coverage, go for several layers. But make sure the lips do not end up looking cakey

How To Apply The Lipstick

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Apply some gloss to your lips to add that extra oomph and protect your lips from getting chapped

How To Complete The Look

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You can pair the nude lipstick look with a cat-eye makeup look. A smokey-eye look works wonders too. For a casual outing, go with a light foundation and a simple eyeliner

Pro Tip

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