How To Apply Face Powder The Right Way



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Consider the coverage, consistency, and finish you prefer while picking the face powder. Also, make sure the product is right for your skin type

Choose A Suitable Face Powder

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Take a powder brush and swirl it into the face powder. Make sure the brush is clean, and in good shape


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Tap the brush on the edges of the powder container to get rid of all the excess product before applying it to the face. Remember, too much powder will only highlight your fine lines and spots

What’s Next

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The product is usually heavier on the areas you apply to first. So, start with the t-zone since it tends to become oily quickly

The Main Act

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If your forehead is sorted, the nose looks great, and the chin is perfect, apply some powder to your cheeks gently if you aim to reduce that extra unwanted shine on those areas

How To Finish The Look

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You can go for a round 2 if certain areas (especially the t-zone) require more attention. But make sure to use only a moderate amount of the powder in the subsequent round

Note That

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