How To Apply Eyeliner Pencil Correctly



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Cleanse your eyes with a makeup remover by removing any dirt or excess oil. This will allow the product to pop more. Then apply an eye primer to build a proper foundation to put makeup on

Prep Time

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Black is the go-to color for dramatic looks. But if you are into natural and warmer looks, select brown. And if you wish to create vibrant eyes, try blue or pink

Pick You Favorite Shade

Whether you are working out or getting drenched in the rain, this eyeliner will remain intact!

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Apply the liner along the upper eyelid’s lash line, starting from the inner corner, then moving toward the outer edges. Now stiffen the lower eyelid by pulling it downwards to apply the liner

What’s Next

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Apply the eyeliner pencil to the waterline for a defined look. If you want to make your eyes appear larger, apply a light to the waterline

How To Enhance The Look

Want to rock

smokey eyes? Try this!

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Remove any access product using a cotton ball, apply your favorite lipstick and you are all set to look fabulous!

How To Complete The Look

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There should not be any sharp or uneven lines. You can use an eye smudger to make the lines appear smooth and flawless

Note that

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