How To Apply Eye Cream The Right Way



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Eye creams have a wide range of options and benefits. Choose one depending on your skin concerns and the results you are looking for

Pick A Suitable Product

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Since you apply the eye cream with your fingers, wash your hands first. A hand filled with dirt will only restrict the eye cream properties from doing their magic. Remember to wash your face too

Prep Time

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Strictly follow the product descriptions to apply the correct amount of eye cream. Usually, a pump of the product per eye is ideal

The Amount Matters

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Squirt the amount of the eye cream you need on the dorsal side of your hand and dip one finger into it. Now make semi-circles of tiny dots around your eyes and pat the product into the skin gently

The Main Act

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You must be careful while applying the eye cream because you do not want to poke your eyes with your finger covered with the product

Note That

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Use the ring finger to apply eye cream, as it puts a very minimal yet adequate pressure on the sensitive skin around your eyes

Pro Tip

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