Feb 27, 2023

High blood pressure: Hidden sources of salt you never knew

Simran Arora, Times Now Digital


Cheese, despite being rich in calcium, healthy fats and proteins, is high in sodium as well – 621 mg in 100 grams.

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Packaged soup

Packaged soup may look like a safer option as opposed to noodles – however, they are high in preservatives and sodium that can contribute to high blood pressure.

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Butter can also look like a fatty condiment – but in white or yellow varieties, homemade or store-bought, butter is high in salt which can contribute to high blood pressure silently.

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Not only do pizzas contain fat, they also have a high salt content - both in the base and the cheese, not to forget toppings and seasonings like oregano. Its high sodium content makes it unsafe for hypertension patients.

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White bread

100 grams of white bread has 491 mg of sodium.

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Roasted nuts

While some like eating nuts as is, there are many who prefer them salted and roasted. Doing this not only increases the calorie content of the meal but also makes it a root cause of hypertension.

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A highly-loved food option, bacon can contribute to hypertension when consumed in excess along with obesity. 85 grams of this processed meat option contains 750 mg of sodium.

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