Having problems conceiving? Boost fertility with these tips from gynaecologistKanakanjali Roy

Feb 28, 2023

Tips from the expert

Dr. Gaana Sreenivas, Consultant – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, shared some tips to boost fertility in both women and men.

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Exercise for just the right amount

Physical activity both lowers stress and boosts fertility. Working out moderately raises the odds of conception, but women who work out more vigorously are less likely to get pregnant.

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your weight

Even being slightly overweight may affect fertility and it is not just women that need to watch the scale. Obesity can also negatively impact male fertility leading to lower sperm counts. Just as eating too much can cause fertility issues, weighing too little or extreme dieting can lead to anorexia and end your menstrual cycles. A balanced diet is a must. Credit: iStock

Stress issues

When stress gets in the way of sex and fertility, you need to be proactive in finding time for sex.

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Enjoy your coffee, but within limits

Drinking 4 or more cups can reduce a couple’s chances by 26 %.

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Why might you want to limit alcohol?

Who doesn’t know someone whose answer to a stressful day is a drink? A study showed that drinking 3 or more alcoholic drinks a week, significantly lowers a woman’s chances of pregnancy.

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Some general advice

Some General advice, creating a bedtime routine and sticking to it, avoiding work or checking emails just before sleep, keeping your bedroom work and TV free.

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