By Anindita Mukherjee

Girl-Next-Door, Diana Penty

She's been making us fall for her since Cocktail and now, we have Selfiee. 

Diana Penty

But one thing that all Diana fans would know is that she loves comfy clothes...

Nothing beats comfort wonder people say she's girl-next-door!

Is there anything comfier than a T-shirt dress?

But who said girl-next-door looks can't be hot?

Glam jam

Dress up, get those smokey eyes and click wink-fies! 

Winking all the way!

...look a lot like Christmas (in your comfy-comfy jammies).

It's beginning to...

As much as we love Diana's simple plain T-shirt, we can't get over her boho ear accessory.

Accessory game

Admit it or not, we all love mirror selfies! And which photo of Diana at her simplest best did you like the most?


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