Divya Bharti's SHOCKING death Simran Khan

Feb 25, 2023

Divya Bharti's birthday

It is Divya Bharti's birth anniversary today. The actress would've turned 49 today.

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Fans pay tribute

Social media is overflowing with emotional tributes for the late actress. A fan wrote, "Today is the birthday of that one star whose shine was the most brilliant which continues even today even after she's no more among us."

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Netizens mourn tragedy

Another netizen tweeted, "Today is Divya Bharti's birth anniversary. If tragedy hadn't struck, Divya would have turned 49 today. Kismat ka likha hua kaun mita sakta hai..."

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Divya Bharti's SHOCKING death

The actress died at the age of 19 in 1993 after falling down from her Mumbai home's balcony. The untimely demise sent shock waves across the country.

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Post mortem

Divya was rushed to Mumbai's Cooper Hospital after she reportedly fell down from the fifth floor. As per reports, she couldn't make it and was declared dead on arrival. The post-mortem was conducted at the same hospital.

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Suicide or murder?

Heartbroken fans speculated if there was more to the tragic death. Several conspiracy theories surfaced.

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Theories involving Sajid Nadiadwala

Despite opposition from her family, Divya married Sajid as soon as she turned 18. Some conspiracies hinted at the involvement of her husband in the alleged murder. However, Mumbai Police couldn't find any proof during the probe.

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Unsolved mystery

The shocking death of the much-loved actress still remains a mystery.

Some fans refuse to believe that it was a tragic accident that took her life. Credit: Twitter

Gone to soon

Divya Bharti will forever be missed by millions. May her soul rest in peace.

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