More Than 200 Chinese Loan Apps

Banned In India

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has started the process of banning 138 betting apps and 94 lending apps. 

These apps were banned for their alleged Chinese links.

MeitY was instructed by the MHA to ban such apps, which operate through a third party link.

These apps used to trap financially strapped people in a debt trap with up to 3,000 per cent interest.

People have even been mentally harassed by these app agents, forcing them to take extreme steps.

The Chinese apps can also potentially misuse server-side security by using them as spying tools.

Access to such data can be used for espionage on a large scale which puts the country as risk.

Google has already been acting upon loan apps like these, banning them regularly.

The MHA had started investigating some Chinese loan giving apps around six months ago.

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