Peking University under Lockdown

China imposed lockdown at Peking University campus after finding one COVID case as the country sticks to a zero-COVID for the virus.

16 Nov, 2022 Manmath Nayak

Lockdown Guidelines

As per the guidelines, Peking University students and faculty were not allowed to leave the campus unless necessary and classes were shifted to online mode.

16 Nov, 2022

Beijing Reports 350 New COVID Cases

Beijing has reported more than 350 new cases in the latest 24 hours which was enough to trigger localised lockdowns and quarantines under China's ‘zero-COVID’ strategy.

16 Nov, 2022

Rising COVID Cases Across China

China reported about 20,000 cases, up from about 8,000 a week ago. However, authorities are steering away from citywide lockdowns to try to minimise the impact on freedom of movement.

16 Nov, 2022

Scientific Approach

As per the guidelines, the local governments will follow a targeted and scientific approach that avoids unnecessary measures.

16 Nov, 2022

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