Nov 14, 2022Children’s Day 2022: Food items that will make you nostalgicKanakanjali Roy


Samosa is amongst the most popular food items in India till date. This used to be one of the most popular food items for an evening snack during our childhood. Are you still craving for samosas? Because I am definitely!

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Another popular evening time food item is Jalebi. This sweet dish was a favourite amongst the 90s kids. Are you feeling nostalgic already? How about having some jalebis today this Children's Day.

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Cotton Candy

The moment anyone sees a cotton candy, he/she recalls the mela days where they used to have this sweet food item which magically used to melt inside mouth leaving the 90s kids in awe.

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Remember your childhood days where we used to wait for the classes to get over just to have a taste of this popsicle? It is rightly said that childhood are the best days of any person's life when the meaning of extreme happiness used to be an orange bar.

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In the scorching summer heat, Frooti used to be the saviour during childhood. This delicious mango drink used to be a treat from parents and used to make the 90s kids extremely elated. Feeling nostalgic yet?

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Every 90s kid will remember this sweet food item which used to be their ecstasy. This used to be an absolute favourite amongst the children, and for some, it still is.

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Cream Roll

This wonder food item used to be a favourite snack during our childhood. Remember going out with your parents and getting a treat on behalf of them in the form of cream rolls?

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Winter days are almost everyone's favourite and mostly for the reason that during this time, we get to have the burnt corn. Even as an adult, many people still crave for this food item.

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This is one of the most best memories of childhood and comes in several flavours including mango, kala khatta, and many others.

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