best malayalam action movies to watch on zee5

Madhura Raja

A sequel to Pokkiri Raja, this flick is just as action- packed as any Mammootty mass entertainer movie. 

Diwanjimoola grand prix

This Kunchacko Boban film revolves around a bunch of adrenaline junkies who fight things out on/off race tracks.


Redefining action in every way, Tovino Thomas' Kalki is an explosion of entertaining fight sequences.


Starring Tovino Thomas and Unni Mukundan, Style is a perfect adrenaline-pump where two rivals go head to head.


Moothon is not an action movie, but the sheer chaotic nature of the characters and their settings makes it one.


Revolving around the murder of a minister, Ira starring Unni Mukundan will have you on the edge of your seats. 


Though not a full-blown action movie, Allu Ramendran finds the right balance between emotions and thrilling fights.