Best eyeshadow colours to try for blue eyes

Vanshika Vasundhare

Feb 23, 2023

Eyeshadow colours for blue eyes

Go for a light smokey eye look to accentuate your blue eyes.

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Copper eye makeup

The copper hue and warm tones pair perfectly with blue eyes. You can use contrasting shades in brown tones to create the copper eye makeup look.

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Eyeshadow for blue eyes

The light blue hue along with a dab of silver eyeshadow is the fastest way to enhance your blue eye colour.

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Blue smokey eye look

This blue smokey eyeshadow on blue eyes proves that blue on blue can look great too.

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Natural eyeshadow for blue eyes

The deep blue eyeshadow paired with a peach tone makes blue eyes as bright as can be.

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Soft Orange eyeshadow

The Orange eyeshadow is very different from the peach one. You get a different result when wearing this colour on blue eyes.

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Eye makeup for blue eyes and fair skin

If you want to enhance your blue eyes, go for a deep orange hue like this one.

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Champagne eye makeup

Mixing champagne with deep brown, bronze, or even grey tones can instantly elevate the standout neutral eyeshadow shade.

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Turquoise eye makeup

Try the Turquoise eye makeup look if you want to enhance your blue eyes.

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