Avatar 2 cast fees

in Crores

After 13 long years, James Cameron has finally returned with the much awaited sequel of Avatar, titled Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar 2 is made on a massive budget of Rs 2895 Crores

Minting money at the box office, Avatar 2 has crossed the Rs 1500 crore mark worldwide

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Zoe Saldana For playing Neytiri - Jake Sully's love interest in the film, she took home an amount of Rs 64 crore

Sigourney Weaver She plays the role of Jake Sully and Neytiri's adopted teenage daughter - Kiri in and charged Rs 27 crore for the second instalment

Kate Winslet For essaying the pivotal role of Ronal - the wife of Metkayina clan's chief leader Tonowari, she took home a massive paycheck of Rs 49 crore

Stephen Lang Reprising the role of Colonel

Miles Quaritch, the veteran actor earned Rs 17 crore

Vin Diesel He charged a whopping amount

of Rs 81 crore for his character

Sam Worthington The actor took home a paycheck of

Rs 81 crore and will also earn a 5% share from the movie’s profit

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