A look at Aamir Khan’s royal car collection: Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Benz Maybach & more

Image Source : Twitter/@Cinema_With_PRD

Aamir Khan has a phenomenal collection of cars that costs over 25 crore.

Image Source : Instagram/@serap.varol.20

Bentley Continental Flying Spur ranges between Rs 3.21 and 3.41 crore.

Image Source : Instagram/@autocollector.tv

Rolls-Royce Ghost would have cost Khan around Rs 5.25 – 6.83 crore

Image Source : Twitter/@vintagepaseo

One of the most expensive cars to find a spot in Aamir Khan's garage is the Mercedes Benz S-600. It comes with a price tag of Rs 10.50 crore.

Image Source : Twitter/@avazturkcom

BMW 6-series is a Rs 65 lakh supercar that comes with all the luxurious comforts you can imagine.

Image Source : Twitter/@tumelo98921743

Range Rover Vogue is one the favorites of Bollywood celebrities, it costs around 2.5 crore.

Image Source : Instagram/@rangeroverofficial

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