9 ways to be an emotionally available partner

Vanshika Vasundhare

Feb 24, 2023

9. Self-reflection

The beliefs you have about yourself in your relationship will determine how successful your connection will be.

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8. Treat them your equals

You must treat your partner equally no matter how different their feelings may be from yours.

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7. No more secrets

Even though keeping secrets set healthy boundaries they can be disrespectful to your partner. A healthy relationship must have transparency.

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6. Take out some time

Action speaks louder than words. Spending time and being there for your partner when they need you is a sign of a healthy relationship.

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5. Open up about your emotions

The key to an emotionally available relationship is open and honest communication. So talk, share and open up to them about your guilty pleasures, insecurities and anything that bothers you.

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4. Be empathetic

If you want to be an emotionally available partner you must have empathy towards their feelings.

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3. Face your fears on vulnerability

Being vulnerable is a human emotion but you need to face them. Not everyone will take advantage of your vulnerability if you take control of it.

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2. Set some boundaries

Boundaries are extremely important in a relationship. It helps in sustaining the respect you have for each other.

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1. Have Patience

Patience is an important aspect of learning how to be emotionally available. You can’t expect to get it right overnight, but it takes consistency and patience.

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