5 mistakes you should avoid for healthy eyes

According to Dr Rekha Radhamony, ayurveda doctor, ayurveda says "Out of all sense organs, eyes are the most important."

Using warm water to wash eyes

Eyes are the seat of pitta (heat) and have to be washed with room temprature water or cold water.

Not blinking often

Blinking is a natural physiological process to lubricate your eyes. When glued to the screen, we often forget to blink.

Overusing artificial eyedrops

Long term use can leave your eyes even drier.

Using warming masks for sleeping; hot packs for eye infection

Let your eyes be free and breathe in the night. 

Rubbing the eyes

Eye have a very thin layer of conjunctiva which protect them. Instead of rubbing, reach out for cold water and wash. 

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