5 Low-Sodium Foods For A Healthy HeartDebosmita Ghosh, Times Now Digital

Feb 27, 2023


Though sodium is essential for the body, consuming high amounts of sodium can turn out to be bad for the body as it might lead to high blood pressure. Initially, high blood pressure might not b detected, however, the condition might turn out to be fatal for the body.

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Heart health

High blood pressure is a condition which can affect the heart severely. High blood pressure tends to affect the blood vessels and this in turn affects the flow of blood in the body.

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Low-sodium foods

Foods play a very important role in controlling your blood pressure levels. To keep your sodium level and eventually your blood pressure levels under control, you must consume food that is low in sodium. Here, there are a few foods mentioned which are low in sodium.

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Vegetables are low in sodium and they are highly nutritious as well. You could choose between fresh and frozen vegetables, however, you should avoid canned vegetables as they have high salt content in them.

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Potatoes are low in sodium, however, they’re high in potassium. If your diet is high in sodium, you don’t have to cut down much on your sodium.

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Fruits are also known to be low in sodium. Fruits such as apples, papayas, bananas and apricots are low in sodium. They are also healthy for the heart, especially bananas as they have potassium in them which are good for the heart.

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This is a food that is extremely low in sodium. Avoid any flavouring agents as they have sugar present in them. Instead, add fruits to your yoghurt and it will taste equally good.

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Nuts are a great low-sodium option for snacks. They keep you filled for a long time and it also doesn’t cause you to overeat.

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