Source: Pinterest 14 archaeological places in India

Source: Pinterest This is one of the most famous archaeological sites in India. It is known for its ancient monasteries & scriptures. ajanta caves, maharashtRa

Source: Pinterest This place is home to the ruins of Vijaynagar empire & is laden with historical monuments, houses & buildings. ruins of hampi

Source: Pinterest This marvel is one of the oldest stone structures in India & is also a world heritage site. sanchi stupa, Mp

Source: Pinterest DYK It is believed that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment at this place under a Bodhi tree? It's quite famous in India. bodh gaya, bihar

Source: Pinterest This 13th-century marvel beholds the Orion architecture & was built to honour the Sun.. It also has several historical ruins and shrines. konark temple,odisha

Source: Pinterest This place was built during the Magadha empire & is an excavated archaeological site in India today. nalanda university,bihar 

Source: Pinterest This place is famous worldwide for its intricate and sensuous carvings from 950 AD to 1050 AD. khajuraho, Mp

Source: Pinterest Madurai is a packer's delight and this temple is especially famous for its architectural and historical significance. meenakshi temple, madurai

Source: Pinterest This place has a deep significance in India's history. Not just this fort, several other forts of Rajasthan are of great archaeological value. KumbHalgarh fort, rajashthan

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 Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur This place is a classic example of Chola architecture and is a very famous tourist destination in India.

Source: Pinterest This is a centuries-old stepwell in India and is quite known for its unique and ancient architecture that's preserved even today. rani ki vav, madhya pradesh

Source: Pinterest This place has examples of rock-cut art from Medieval India and is a very popular tourist spot too. elephanta caves, maharashtra

Source: Pinterest DYK this is the first garden tomb in India? Built by Akbar, this is the first place to have used red stone in such a large quantity. humayun's tomb, delhi

Source: Pinterest This place is known for preserving the earliest traces of humans in India from the stone age!  bhimbhetka, madhya pradesh