Chile 9.5 Earthquake, May 1960

World's one of the worst hit disaster, Chilean earthquake triggered massive tsunami that claimed several lives in and around the area.

06 Feb, 2023 Jigyasa Sahay

Indonesia 9.1 Earthquake, December 2004

Around 2,27,899 people lost their lives across Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It triggered huge tsunami causing massive devastation

06 Feb, 2023

Japan 9.0 Earthquake, March 2011

This earthquake triggered worst tsunami, volcanic eruptions and caused meltdown of nuclear reactor of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. over 15, 690 people died.

06 Feb, 2023

China 7.9 Earthquake, May 2008

Over 87000 people died while more than 10 million were rendered homeless.

06 Feb, 2023

Nepal 7.8 earthquake, April 2015

Considered as worst ever natural diasters, it reportedly flattened over 80 % hill side homes, killed more than 8000 people. several famous structures were down in shambles.

06 Feb, 2023

Syria-Turkey 7.8 Earthquake, February 2023

One of the biggest diasters, both turkey and Syria have lost over 2300 lives so far and rescue operation is still underway.

06 Feb, 2023

Haiti 7.2 Earthquake, August 2021

More than 2,200 people lost their lives and destroyed over damaging about 13,000 homes.

06 Feb, 2023

Bhuj 6.9 Earthquake, January 2001

One of the largest natural disasters in India, the Bhuj earthquake killed over 20,000 people and several hundreds left displaced, injured

06 Feb, 2023

Haiti 7.0 Earthquake, January 2010

Around 2,30,000 people died in Haiti in this catastrophic disaster.

06 Feb, 2023

Afghanistan 6.1 Earthquake, June 2022

06 Feb, 2023

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